English Games

Learn English easily and effectively by playing these games and working on the interactive exercises.

Play these games and learn at your own pace.

The games progress gradually. First the words are introduced with audio and pictures. Then the letters are matched with the audios. Then the CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words are matched with the pictures. There are some matching exercises. some audio based exercises and some games like treasure hunt.

Learn from a Sample Prompt and get tips on how to prepare for IELTs.

Games for IELTs Writing Task

Games for IELTs Examination

Listen & Match 1: Audio & Pictures
Listen & Match 2: Listen and match pictures 
Sounds Right: Match Initial Sounds
Word Power: Listen and match 
Picture Sounds: Match letters with pictures
Word Perfect: Match words & pictures
Love Animals: Match animals & pictures.
Word Wizard: Listen and match words.
Captive Princess: Release the Princess
Treasure Seeking: Find the Hidden Treasure
Message For You: Find the Hidden Message
Treasure Hunt: Find the Treasure
Animals & Young Ones

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