Story Time

Stories are a great way to learn languages. They are interesting, engage our mind and we can learn a lot of vocabulary, collocations and sentence patterns while listening and responding to stories. Reading for pleasure is a sure way to improve our vocabulary and language competence.

These jokes and stories are from different languages. The pronunciation is given in Tamil. The jokes are discussed in the Language Learning Community. If you don’t understand any of the jokes or stories contact us at the forum.


  1. Learning in Upanishad Times: The story of the Devas, Asuras and human beings who go to Brahma to find a solution for their problem.
  2. The Intelligent Fish: When the fish in a pond faced a dangerous situation, a little baby fish finds a unique solution for them.
  3. Take the Air out of Your Mind When highly qualified big shots could not solve a problem, a watchman of a company solves it with practical wisdom.
  4. Chubby Baby’s Ghost Friend The baby sees someone and enjoys playing with that person. The mother can’t see anyone in the room. What do you think happens?


  1. Joke 1 Who has the Taste?
  2. Joke 2 Poor Mosquitoes First Night
  3. Joke 3 New way of Counting
  4. Joke 4 Fruit Maths
  5. Joke 5 Politician’s Prayer

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